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Hubspot Says These 3 Fears Scare People Away from Inbound

Posted by Lisa Kirschner

Oct 31, 2015 4:44:53 PM

Are you afraid to give away too much information to your site visitors and followers? Don't be!

According to Hubspot, that's one of the top three fears that stop people from embracing the inbound methodology. But don't let this hold you back, since educating your visitors is one of the MOST important things you can do gain a following and attract people to your brand.

Other top concerns, says Hubspot, include changing an existing sales process or sharing sales and revenue data with marketing teams (who, ironically, are typically expected to increase sales and revenue).

Read this spooooooky post from Hubspot to learn more about why people are afraid to utilize Hubspot and inbound—and what you can do to overcome these fears and get a better ROI on your marketing:


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