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    Top social media news for week ending 8/31/18

    Posted by Joanna Ellis-Escobar

    Aug 31, 2018 4:38:00 PM

    social media icons on keyboardCheers to three-day weekends and cheers to another weekly roundup. Read on for our top five picks in social media news for the week ending on 8/31/18. 

    1. Time saving social media strategies (Forbes)
      The first two sentences sum this baby up...strong social presence plus regular content and engagement with your users can equal quite the reward. But going at it solo (meaning you chose NOT to hire a company to help you) can be a daunting feat. Worth the read, with some great tips on how to implement strategy that works, but that you don't need 27-hours in your day to use. (Plus, writer and CEO/Founder of Studio 15 Jia Wertz is ah--mazing...if you're not following her, you should be!)

    2. It's time to make social media more responsible (Singularity Hub)
      A thoughtful piece on social responsibility. While not quite our typical marketing-focused piece, a good reminder that brands have a responsibility to use social wisely. 
    3. 6 social media weapons to boost your branding and marketing (Business.com)
      From the "duh" (take great pics) to the decisively easy-to-implement (encourage offline - eh hem, in person - visits), these six tips will help you use social to your advantage. 

    4. Small business digital and social media marketing tools (ABC 10 News)
      Tired of reading? A quick video clip from ABC News for you...learn how small businesses can use digital marketing to expand their reach.  

    5. Social climbing: How to ensure your business benefits from social media marketing (Sustainable Business Forum)
      Three quick tips on how to best benefit from social media marketing. Which do you think is most important...knowing your target market, understanding what your customers want or analyzing and monitoring your performance?

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