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    Web Content Management: Inconvenient Truths and Industry Challenges

    Posted by Lisa Kirschner

    Nov 5, 2009 6:22:00 AM

    There is no best web content management system. But there is probably a good Web CMS for what you’re trying to do. With that, we kicked-off a heated debate on Inconvenient truths and unsolved WCM industry challenges at the J.Boye 2009 conference in chilly Aarhus, DK.

    via www.cmswire.com

    Great summary of notes from CMS Wire for the "Inconvenient truths and unsolved WCM industry challenges" session from the J. Boye 2009 conference. I love the fact that user experience improvements are noted as a must-have requirement for the web content management (WCM) industry, particularly open source tools.

    I'm also glad to see the recognition that matrices and Excel charts should not be used to compare and analyze WCM tools during the selection process. See our blog post about this topic, "Why You Don't Need a Detailed CMS Comparison Chart."

    What are your thoughts on what's working and what's not in WCM today?

    Lisa Kirschner
    Founder and Managing Director, Flair Interactive Services Inc.
    Managing Editor, Content 911 Blog

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