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    Top Content Marketing news for week ending 8/9/19

    Posted by Joanna Ellis-Escobar

    Aug 12, 2019 8:15:00 AM

    content marketing spelled on deskIt was a big week in the world of content marketing, but don't worry if you weren't able to keep up.

    We've rounded up the top five industry articles for you, so you can be confident that you're in the know when it comes to the latest trends in the powerful world of marketing. Content marketing, that is...

    5 content marketing ideas for September 2019 (Practical eCommerce)

    Sharing everything from the no-brainer (stop procrastinating) to the head scratcher (Batman Day), Practical eCommerce give concrete ideas that any brand can (and should) implement to keep their finger on the pulse of the content marketing world. 

    It sounds easy enough, right? But even with all the guidance in the world, we all know it takes time, effort, resources and serious dedication to successfully pull off a content marketing strategy that gets results.

    Content marketing ideas for a startup budget (G2)

    Covering the As to Zs of content marketing...G2 discusses why content marketing matters and how to write for your blog and much more. Your head will spin with all the tips and tricks this one offers up. It is truly a not-to-miss piece.  

    Original research for content marketing - why aren't more brands doing it? (diginomica)

    It's no surprise, really, that original research (translation: analyzing data and then presenting the results) can do everything from build brand awareness, to increase traffic, to encourage social share,s to convert leads...so why, exactly, isn't everyone doing it? Find out in diginomica's latest on the subject.

    How to develop a successful content marketing strategy (Forbes)

    The first two lines in this article pretty much sum up everything we ever tell clients...when done right, your content can establish you as a thought leader and dramatically increase your site ranking. Want to learn more? We thought you might...

    Striving for Video Content Marketing Success? Here Are the Key Metrics to Measure (Skyword)

    There is absolutely no denying that video is taking the content marketing industry by storm. And there are zero (as in not even one) signs of it slowing down. But video creation can be expensive. And draining on resources. And time consuming. And how do you know if it's even working? Find out what metrics to measure, and more importantly, how to measure them in the first place. 

    Are you starting to think that keeping up with your content marketing efforts may be too much? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all there is for you and your team to do? Effective content marketing strategies can be wildly successful, but they are incredibly demanding, too. 

    If you're feeling like you're ready to take the next steps, but aren't quite sure how to start or where to turn, Flair is here to help. Reach out today to learn how we can help you take your content marketing to the next level. 

    Image courtesy of Pixabay, DiggityMarketing


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