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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 hosting terms every marketer should know

Posted by Lisa Kirschner

Jun 14, 2022 10:30:00 AM

If you're like most marketers, you might be a little lost when it comes to understanding the difference between hosting, domain registration, DNS records and other technical hosting terms. It can get confusing trying to keep all of these terms straight!

Lucky for you, we've created this handy infographic that explains basic hosting terminology. Never again will be you be completely lost when discussing your web site with your developer, hosting provider or web agency again.

Check out the infographic below!

5 Hosting Terms Every Marketer Should Know
It might take a little bit of time to become familiar with all of these terms, but don't get frustrated if you can't keep it straight. That's what we're here for! Contact us today if you need help with your hosting, domain registration, DNS records or updating your site with your content management system. All we need is your login information and we can start helping as early as today!
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