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    How to Use HubSpot's Prebuilt Email Sequences

    Posted by Lisa Kirschner

    Oct 21, 2019 9:34:32 AM

    drip campaign googleAre you confused about how to use HubSpot's prebuilt email sequences for your sales and marketing drip campaigns and workflows? Or are you not even sure what drip campaigns are (if so, you're not alone!).

    Drip campaigns, or the process of continuing to nurture prospects and leads in a systematic way via emails, are a key part of moving cold leads and prospects more quickly through your sales and marketing funnel with less manual effort, time and resources.

    It's important to note that we frequently see people who utilize formal drip campaigns and email sequences getting MUCH better results that those who just "wing it" and call or email people randomly without a formal process in place. Also, you should really include a combination of multiple types of touchpoints -- i.e. emails and phone calls or social networking touchpoints -- into your processes to get better results. Above all, keep ALL of your communications helpful and most focused on the recipients' needs, not your own. 

    Remember the cocktail party rule...would YOU want to talk to someone at a cocktail party who only talked about him or herself or would you rather talk to someone who offered helpful advice or tips and was sincerely focused on what you need?

    Just like at a cocktail party, talk about what's in it for the user 80-90% of the time in your communications and only talk about your own products or services 10-20% of the time max. (We prefer closer to 10%.) Make sure all of your communications first and foremost offer useful, practical tips, advice and questions, and you'll capture attention much more quickly than you would if you were hitting them over the head about how great your products are. Do you have helpful content, tools or resources that can help them more clearly identify the challenges or problems they are experiencing or connect the dots themselves about why they need your help? Be sure to mention those in your emails and messages.

    Watch our new video below that explains how to quickly and easily create email sequences for your prospects or leads using HubSpot's awesome templates:

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