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Get Your Free SEO Score

Posted by Lisa Kirschner

Sep 4, 2014 1:42:19 PM

SEO_scoreDo you know how your site is doing from an SEO perspective? Or what issues need to be addressed to improve your page rankings? How about what SEO tasks your team should be focusing on right now?

You can get the answers to these questions using our free SEO Audit tool in less than a minute. Just enter your URL, primary keyword and a competitor's URL if desired, and wait about 45 seconds to receive your customized SEO report.

You'll find out what your "SEO score" is, whether your URLs are SEO-friendly, what your Google PageRank is, whether your meta tags and images are optimized, how your social channels are performing, how many sites are linking to your site and what your Moz stats are (mozRank, mozTrust, moz Page and Domain Authority). Even more importantly, you'll learn the exact tasks that you need to complete to address these issues.

You can share this free report with your developer or your web team to start fixing SEO issues right away. 

Get Your Free SEO Audit  


Lisa Kirschner
Managing Director
Flair Interactive Services

P.S. Want to learn more about SEO? Contact us, download our SEO ebook or view information about our full SEO Analysis package now.

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