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    ActiveCampaign Pricing: What You Need to Know

    Posted by Flair Interactive Services

    Feb 24, 2023 12:49:09 PM


    Are you looking for a marketing automation tool to take your business' digital communications to the next level? With so many different resources available, it can take time to determine which solution is right for you.

    Today, we'll be taking a deep dive into ActiveCampaign pricing plans and benefits – so that you can decide whether this powerhouse of a digital marketing platform is the perfect fit for your company's needs.

    If you're looking for a free trial, ActiveCampaign is the way to go. You can try it today at no cost for 14 days. You'll quickly see why ActiveCampaign is the leader in the email marketing space for all businesses except e-commerce retailers. 

    Price Plans Offered by ActiveCampaign

    There are four specific pricing plans. Keep in mind that you can receive discounted pricing and special support options when you subscribe through Flair Interactive, an ActiveCampaign reseller partner.

    1. Lite

    Prices start as low as $29 a month.

    Marketing Suite

    • Marketing Automation
    • Unlimited Email Sending
    • Drag & Drop Email Builder
    • Segmentation
    • Subscription Forms
    • Email & automation reporting
    • The site and Event Tracking

    2. Plus

    The price is $49 a month.

    Marketing Suite

    • Landing Pages
    • Facebook Lead Ads
    • Facebook Custom Audiences
    • Contact Scoring
    • SMS Marketing
    • Conditional Content
    • Landing Pages
    • Mobile Campaign Reporting
    • Store integrations for eCommerce
    • Cart Automation
    • Product Block Personalization

    3. Professional

    The price is $149 per month.

    Marketing Suite

    • Website Personalization
    • Predictive Content
    • Predictive Sending
    • Marketing Attribution
    • Split Automations
    • Conversion Reporting
    • Site Messages

    4. Enterprise


    Marketing Suite

    • You Get Customized Objects
    • Artfully Crafted Reports
    • Domain with Mail Customized Server
    • Custom Domain
    • Unlimited Email Design Testing
    • Social Data Enrichment

    How ActiveCampaign's Pricing Structure Works

    ActiveCampaign's pricing structure is based on a tiered system. Four tiers vary in price depending on the number of contacts you need to manage. All plans include access to the same features and services. Still, the higher-tier programs generally provide more contacts and enhanced features such as custom automation workflows, account management support, and more.  

    What Are the Benefits of Using ActiveCampaign

    1. Increased Deliverability

    ActiveCampaign's deliverability is some of the best in the industry. Your significant emails will reach your recipients' inboxes instead of spam folders.  ActiveCampaign also offers several features that can help to improve your deliverability, such as automated email list cleaning and real-time email tracking. 

    2. Improved Email Marketing ROI

    ActiveCampaign's features can improve your email marketing ROI. For example, the platform's segmentation and automation features can help you send more targeted and personalized emails, leading to higher open and click-through rates. Additionally, ActiveCampaign's real-time reporting can help you to track your email marketing progress and make necessary adjustments to improve your results.

    3. Enhanced Email List Management

    ActiveCampaign provides many powerful tools for managing your email list. For example, the platform allows you to import and export lists, add and remove subscribers, create segments, and automate list management tasks. ActiveCampaign's list management features can save significant time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

    4. Comprehensive Email Reporting

    ActiveCampaign offers comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your email marketing campaigns. The platform's reports include information on opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, complaints, and more. ActiveCampaign's reports can also be customized to include only your desired data. This makes it easy to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

    5. A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a valuable tool for any email marketer as it allows you to test different elements of your emails to see what works best with your audience. ActiveCampaign makes A/B testing easy with its built-in A/B testing tool. With just a few clicks, you can create an A/B test and start collecting data on which version of your email performs better.

    6. Automated Email Workflows

    ActiveCampaign's automation builder makes it easy to create sophisticated email workflows without coding knowledge. With the automation builder, you can add conditions, triggers, actions, and delays to create complex automation that will save you time and effort in the long run. ActiveCampaign's pre-built automation templates can be a great starting point for creating your automation.

    7. Excellent Customer Support

    In addition to offering an extensive knowledge base, ActiveCampaign has a team of customer support representatives available 24/7 via live chat or email. The team is friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to help with any questions or issues you might have. It ensures that technical issues will always support your email marketing efforts.

    How to Get Started With ActiveCampaign

    Getting started is easy if you're interested in using ActiveCampaign to power your email marketing efforts. The platform offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to explore all of the features before committing. After signing up for an account, you'll be able to start building emails and automation and tracking the results of your campaigns. 

    No matter your email marketing goals, ActiveCampaign can help you to achieve them. With its powerful features and excellent customer support, the platform is a great choice for any business looking to get the most out of its email marketing. Get started with ActiveCampaign today and see how it can take your email marketing efforts to the next level.

    We’ve Got You!

    ActiveCampaign's pricing plans have something for everyone and are designed to fit the needs of any business. Whether you're a small business just getting started or an enterprise looking for more features, there is a plan that will work for you. The best part? All plans come with unlimited contacts, so you can send as many emails as you need!

    Ready to get started? We are an Active Campaign reseller and partner. 

    Contact us at Flair Interactive to find out how we can help you plan, set up, configure and manage your Active Campaign account


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