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    Top 5 inbound marketing articles of 2018

    Posted by Lisa Kirschner

    Dec 26, 2018 4:11:59 PM

    inbound marketing signWant to know what’s new in inbound marketing or what the hot topics were in 2018? Check out our list of some of the latest and greatest inbound marketing content during the past year in terms of traffic and social sharing.
    I’m guessing that nobody is surprised that a Hubspot article took the top spot during the last year. Read this post to learn about the changes that took place this year for the Hubspot inbound marketing certification. (Don’t feel like getting certified? Turn to our team of Hubspot-certified professionals to help you get your inbound strategy off the ground in 2019!)
    2) 12 new realities of inbound marketing (Search Engine Journal)
    Cha-cha-cha-cha-changes are ALWAYS in the air in inbound marketing, and this year was no exception. This informative article by Search Engine Journal explains twelve things you need to know about modern inbound marketing, including why content is no longer king, how the flywheel will change the way you market, new ways to nail customer experience, why video marketing is important and more.
    It’s no surprise that Hubspot appears in this list again, but this time Hubspot’s Greg Wise gushes about the inbound-friendly ModCloth web site. This is a great overview of how to do a site RIGHT, and Wise is spot-on in his analysis of why this site works. (BTW, feel free to reach out to Flair Interactive if you want us to help you create a knock-it-out-of-the-park ecommerce site that embraces core inbound principles and also motivates your audience to act.)
    Looking for content ideas as you head into 2019? This great article by Conor Bond over at WordStream offers nine content ideas that have proven their worth in inbound marketing, including blog posts, infographics, case studies and webinars. You can’t go wrong with utilizing these key pieces as part of your strategy for the coming year. Don’t forget that Flair can help you create these, often within a matter of days or weeks.
    It seems that every inbound marketer’s goal is to obtain better rankings in Google. With this blog post by Flair Interactive’s founder and managing director Lisa Kirschner, you can get a crash course about the best way to get faster results with SEO. Don’t want to do it yourself? Get an SEO analysis from Flair in as little as 1-2 weeks.
    Want help defining a stronger digital marketing strategy for 2019? Partner with us to create an inbound marketing game plan that will get you better results next year.
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