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5 most popular content marketing infographics in June 2018

Posted by Joanna Ellis-Escobar

Jun 28, 2018 4:27:49 PM

content marketing infographics june 2018Want to hear some pretty staggering stats? 

  • Posting content with images can result in 650 percent more engagement than posts that only have text. Think about that: – 650 percent!

  • Posts that include videos typically attract three times more links than the wordy-text-only versions. 

  • Consumers are 85 percent more likely to purchase something after watching a product video. 

So if you're the type who believes visual content doesn't matter, or that it's not worth the money you'll invest in creating it, I urge you to read on, because if you're not taking advantage of all that visual content has to offer you (and your brand), you're missing out on a huge opportunity. In fact, according to HubSpot, infographics are shared three times more often than any other form of content. 

On that note, let's check out the top five infographics we saw in June. 

  1. Engaging the C-Suite with content (Raconteur)
    Is there a tougher market than the C-level audience? Learn how to reach, and even better, engage with this elusive group.  

  2. INFOGRAPHIC: How to create video content for content marketing (NewsCred Insights)
    Thinking about taking the plunge into the powerful world of video? Check out the top reasons why you should consider implementing a video strategy into your content marketing plan in 2018.

  3. The ultimate infographic design guide (for content marketers) (Small Biz Daily)
    Visual content has cemented itself as a viable tool for content marketers. Learn how to craft budget-friendly infographics that turn heads and get noticed.


  4. 15 most challenging tasks of content marketers (HiP B2B)
    They say misery loves company, but I think it’s more than that – sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not alone. Check out these common frustrations content marketers (from writers, to editors, to strategists, to PR/marketing/project managers) often face, regardless of the industry they’re in.

    9 Awesome reasons to use infographics in your content marketing (JeffBullas.com)
    Are you fighting the Kool-Aid? Infographics are in and they’re here to stay (for now, at least). Don’t fight it…accept it. They're such a hot trend, you really can't afford not to. Check out these nine reasons why they’re so popular (and effective).

Looking for ways to create great visual content for your digital presence? Reach out to Flair Interactive to learn more about how we can help you craft and publish visual content that shouts "look at me!" 

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