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    5 Best Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

    Posted by Joanna Ellis-Escobar

    Aug 26, 2019 12:41:00 PM

    online marketing on tabletDigital marketing is a proven, strategic way you and your brand can stand out from the competition. It’s also something that changes regularly, so you need to do what you can to keep up with industry best-practices.

    Didn’t have time to read all the great digital marketing news that came out last week? Have no fear, the Flair weekly roundup is here! 

    The top 10 digital marketing tools for 2020 (KnowTechie)
    What are your favorite tools to help you manage your digital marketing efforts? KnowTechie breaks down their faves. Can you guess which Flair already uses? (HINT: there are seven)...
    Three digital marketing trends that can bring you closer to your customers (Forbes)
    Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but in case you missed it, we're all about the digital marketing. A powerful, inbound-focused digital marketing plan is not only necessary, it's a game changer that lets brands soar past their competition. Our fave is the last one, on the power of customer data.

    AI will transform digital marketing (the pioneer)
    Check conventionality at the door...never has there been a better time to embrace AI and all it can do to help your digital marketing efforts. The biggest take away is the discussion on voice search, which now constitutes 20 PERCENT of all Google searches. Marketers: we've warned you...start planning your strategies and optimizing your site for voice search now!  

    The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week (Econsultancy)
    A roundup on our roundup...we love Econsultancy's stats report. Up this week, how many users will PAY subscription fees for the apps they love; the future of wearables (do you own a smart watch?); what search specialists really think about the support they get; and much more. 

    5 things to consider for an international digital marketing strategy (business.com)
    Do you market to an international audience? Find out what you can do to implement a digital marketing strategy that's literally far reaching

    Trying to get the most of out your digital marketing is time consuming - do you need help? Why not work with the experts! Flair has all the experience and resources to extend your digital marketing efforts to the max.

    Learn more about how we can help you implement a results-driven strategy that works. We guarantee, your only complaint will be that you didn't reach out sooner!

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