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Why You Need to Use Personas

Posted by Daniella Rosenthal

Mar 25, 2014 10:12:07 AM

Understanding your audience is a critical element of your online success. The first step in developing your marketing strategy is creating an accurate persona.

So what exactly is a buyer persona?  It is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. A persona is a breakdown of the different factors that make up and affect your buyer and his or her behavior. They also take into account the buyer's pain points during the purchase process.

Follow the below steps to create your buyer personas:

  1. Identify behavior and demographic information for your ideal buyer
  2. Conduct Interviews with some of your customers to make sure your perception of your buyer matches your actual buyers
  3. Create fictional profiles for your personas based on the above information
  4. Begin marketing to your buyer personas by ALWAYS using them to drive your marketing content.

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