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Top 5 Tech Viral Marketing Videos in 2016

Posted by Aimee Pagano

Jan 4, 2017 3:00:00 PM

best of 2016.jpegWhether B2B, B2C, SaaS, cloud-based software or consulting services, the tech sector is leading the pack in terms of progressive and innovative marketing campaigns and approaches. They're trendy, provocative and mold-breaking tones and tactics command attention and pave the way for other business sectors. As such, we've pulled together a handful of our top 5 tech-based marketing videos from 2016.

Keep in mind, we recognize that the majority of technology-based companies don't have interminal budgets like these forerunners. These are still brilliant representations of companies that see their products and services the way their customers see them, and not the reverse. Even the smallest tech company can learn from these examples. What can you do to mimic their success on a smaller scale or with your current resources?

#1—Apple Music: The All New Apple Music

This is an excellent video showing the breadth of the Apple Music app. Music is their content and they have it front in center in this catchy video commercial.


#2—Wix.com: Kung Fu Panda Discovers the Power of Wix

Wix.com cleverly brings digital animation to tech through this quirky commercial video. Via the trendy Kung Fu Panda animated film characters, Wix.com gained instant visibility, positioning them as a strong force in the web development space.


#3—iPhone 6: Onions

Apple explores a little self deprication through this tongue-in-cheek commercial. The video pokes fun at the use—or should I say overuse—of today's mobile devices. A little negative attention can go a long way when it's done right.


#4—Galaxy X7: Why?

Not to be outdone by its counterpart, Galaxy had its own version of ironic promotion. Through a collage of complaints, Galaxy pokes fun at consumer's neverending mobile functionality wish list. Still, it's easy to snub and get away with it when you have the solution.


#5—Comcast/Xfinity: Hooking Up Grandma's House

Nearly every generation short of maybe those from the Silent Era can appreciate this holiday commercial video. The video depicts a family's apprehension to, once again, spend the holidays at their grandparents' house without any electronic means of escape. Comcast/Xfinity was, of course, the hero in the end.


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