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Top 5 Food Marketing Campaigns in 2016

Posted by Aimee Pagano

Jan 6, 2017 2:38:25 PM


What better way to come out of the holidays than to focus even more on food?Holiday Dining.jpg

Food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and service providers are always clamoring for new ways to better differentiate their products in a consumer-driven, health conscious, and safety- and sustainability-focused market.

Since 2016 brought some tasty and creative food and beverage marketing campaigns to the table, we thought we’d share some choice take-aways with you. Here are the top 5 campaigns of 2016.

#1—Gerber: Babies Pose with their Food Look-alikes

Baby food manufacturers have a pretty easy ride when you think about it. Since most human beings with a pulse have a soft spot for the little ones, it only makes sense that major baby food brands would splash their faces all over their commercials and ads. The trick, however, isn’t finding the cutest baby thankfully because that’s just not possible. No, the trick is engaging the audience in a way that’s relevant and digestible (yes, I said it). Gerber does this without fail in their recent ‘Food Look-alikes Cute Campaign’.











#2—Coca Cola: Message in a Bottle

It wouldn't be a F&B marketing campaign list if Coca Cola wasn't mentioned. Coca Cola consistently succeeds in content engagement, and their newest holiday campaign, 'Message in a Bottle' joins the club. The campaign illustrates all of the possible failed attempts at reaching out to loved ones over the holidays. It then introduces a limited edition bottle cap that allows people to record messages and play them back when twisting the cap to open the bottle.




#3—McDonald's: Track my Maccas

Another regular on most marketing recognition lists is McDonald's. And as McDonald's does, they've once again topped the charts in terms of content innovation and delivery with this craftily transparent app. Through the app, users can not only track but can get details on the ingredients in the McDonald's meal they're eating at that very moment. By taking food traceability to another level, McDonald's addresses alot of their consumers' concerns about identifying the origin of their food from farm to plate.


#4—IntermarchéInglorious Fruits and Vegetables

This French Supermarket chain truly turned lemons into lemonaid with this inspiring campaign. In their fight against food waste, the chain built a campaign around selling their imperfect fruits at 30% less. The global campaign was a huge success and all parties in the supply chain benefited—consumers got the same quality products at a third of the cost. Less product was wasted worldwide. And Intermarché increased its business by selling a brand new line of products.




#5—Zevia: On Instagram

Content doesn't always have to be written, spoken, or streamed. Zevia continues to prove this through its clean, health-focused, and breathtaking Instagram page. Shot after shot, Zevia posts perfect displays of promotional art, and their smart soda is the lead character in every scene.


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