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3 Ways That Twitter Ads Can Help You Acheive Your Business Goals

Posted by Marissa Kasarov

Aug 17, 2016 2:16:53 PM

Laptop Work-10.jpgTwitter may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pay-per-click advertsing, but it is beginning to earn its place among other top social ad contenders, such as Instagram and Facebook.  

Twitter ads are extremely effective and extremely cost-efficient.  They are able to directly promote your brand, product or message to a very specifically chosen target audience.

Your business should be taking advantage of this network’s extraordinary reach, from both organic and paid perspectives.  With its over 300 million active users and sophisticated ability to target those users, Twitter ads are absolutely invaluable when it comes to increasing marketing potential, message retention and revenue.

So how can you make the most out of Twitter advertising and give your business profile a boost?  Start with these key areas:

  1. Generating Leads – One of the most advantageous aspects about Twitter is that ads can be set to target a very specific audience.  You can specify everything from age, gender, location and even spoken language. Two of the most effective ways to generate leads is through keyword and handle (username) targeting. Keyword targeting is great for those who work in industries with a lot of social media buzz such as television, where you know your audience will be talking about industry related topics like celebrities, events, conventions, etc. For all other industries, handle targeting is a great way to promote your tweets. This option allows you to choose specific handles (users), and your promoted tweets will be shown in their individual feeds.  
  2. Quick Promote Quick promote tweets are a fairly new option. They are simply tweets for which advertisers pay Twitter to share with a more expansive audience.  With just a few quick clicks, your tweets will automatically be shared with users who share similar interests to those of your current followers. In other words, your tweets are shared with those users who are most likely to click ‘like’ and ‘follow’.    
  3. Promoted Accounts – If your business’ goal is simply to gain followers, then you want to promote your whole account, not just a single tweet. Promoted accounts are ads that are displayed in the “Who to Follow” box. This is what you want. These ads appear in users’ timelines and are promoted to show up in search results more frequently. The more money you put into these ads, the closer to the top your name, company or brand will appear.  

Twitter advertising has made it easy for businesses to get the most possible bang for their buck. With simple yet effectively specific targeting capabilities, you can expand your reach while gaining more leads and engaging users.   

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