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#TBT: Marketing strategies: They won't buy without these 6 elements

Posted by Kristin Muckerheide

May 10, 2018 7:30:00 AM

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In this week's #TBT post, we take a look back at Digital Marketer's 2013 blog "They won't buy without these 3 elements (and they won't even know why)."

What are those three magical marketing strategies?

1. Social proof - you don't have to prove you're trustworthy if others clearly trust you
2. Scarcity - the theory of "you didn't know you needed it until you couldn't have it"
3. Sensory language - the power of language and how the brain responds


While these are admittedly helpful in making that sale, we want to add a few elements of our own that are just as—or arguably, even more—important.

  • Relationship
    Without a consistent relationship built over time, prospects don't really know a brand. Who is this company they're about to buy from? Is it a good, honest, reputable brand? This is where social proof can help - if a prospect doesn't know a brand very well, trust can be built just by seeing others' trust. Of course, in a perfect world, a prospect would have been following a company over time and feel as though they already know and trust them. And today, social media platforms are helpful for just this. They allow customers to get a glimpse into what a brand is like on a slightly more personal level. But it's more than just having a social presence - engaging and interacting with followers, building that relationship, can be a game changer when it comes to trust.  

  • Confidence
    Expanding on the above, without a trusting relationship that was nurtured and built over time, some buyers may be less confident and comfortable in committing to a brand. Social proof can help, but nothing takes the place of getting to know a brand on your own. Following and watching a company over the span of weeks, months or even years, can result in a solidified level of confidence that translates into buyers trusting they made a wise decision they can feel good about.

  • Alignment 
    What I mean by this is alignment with a customer's own values and goals. This goes beyond just the social proof, scarcity and sensory language ideals that Digital Marketer pointed out back in 2013. To get a buyer to pull the trigger, you also want values and goals to align with your consumer, otherwise, there's a good chance things won't work out very well in the end. Will the buyer end up being disappointed later on when they realize their values just don't align with a brand's? Remember, a sale shouldn't be the ONLY goal. And the work doesn't stop there, either. Nurturing your relationship with your buyers goes far beyond that first sale. Effective marketing strategies continue to nurture relationships, so buyers are confident in you and your services and your products from the first sale to the fiftieth. This means happier customers, better reviews and successful outcomes for everyone.

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