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Get Moving, Relax and Change Your Work Life Balance

Posted by Julie Lyons

Apr 15, 2014 1:41:00 PM

Creating a better work life balance is something all of us desire to do, but often we over think just what it takes to do that. Many times we go into great depth to try to simplify our lives, we look at working fewer hours, we try delegate more tasks and more. But what if creating a better work life balance was as simple as getting moving and learning how to relax  -what if that could change your life?

Exercise is something we talk about a lot, but many of us just can’t seem to find the time in our schedules that are already far too busy. Ultimately, what happens is we push exercise to the back burner and never end up getting to it. If we could just find 30 minutes in our day to exercise, we could actually enjoy more energy and better concentration. Giving up just 30 minutes in your day so you can exercise, can energize you and allow you to do more in less time. In addition, thinking clearer certainly helps you to get things done faster and better.


Relaxation is an important part of keeping your life balanced. When you are stressed, you will be less organized, less productive, and get far less done, thereby leading to the feeling of imbalance in your life. You need to make sure that you take time for yourself for something you enjoy, whether that’s reading a favorite book, going for a walk, taking up a hobby, or just sitting quietly for 15 minutes after a busy day. Learning to relax will energize and calm you so that you can create a much better work life balance.

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