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    The 7 Most Effective SEO Tips For 2020

    Posted by Alex McMillin

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    Dec 5, 2019 7:45:51 AM

    SEO 300Google is always tweaking its algorithm, so SEO strategies are always shifting.

    There are some basic on-page optimization strategies that have stayed more or less the same for years now. However, there are also entirely new strategies that have greatly changed the approach to on-page SEO for 2020 and beyond.

    Read on to learn more about which SEO tips will still be effective in 2020 and which tips you'll have to incorporate for the first time.

    Make sure each page on your site is mobile-optimized

    The recent tweaks to the Google algorithm have placed a higher priority on mobile optimization. This certainly makes sense when you consider that over half of searches in recent years have been performed from mobile devices. The new algorithm can sense which pages are mobile-optimized, and these pages get a bump in their search rankings. It's also important to note that having both a desktop site and a mobile site is not good for your search engine optimization. It's best to have one mobile-optimized site.

    SEO and social are connected like never before

    Another important change to Google's algorithm favors pages that get a lot of shares on social media. If your site has an effective digital marketing strategy with a social media marketing plan, this tweak to the algorithm should actually help your site without you having to do anything. Even so, it's a good idea to optimize the shareability of each page.

    Focus on informative and detailed content

    Google has been tweaking its algorithm for years to better reward informative content. This trend has continued with the latest changes to the algorithm. Google is now better at penalizing "clickbait," so make sure your articles are actually informative.

    Refresh older content

    A thorough SEO strategy includes refreshing older content as well as creating new content. Go back and revitalize old content by improving mobile optimization and shareability. This will ensure your site is optimized for 2020.

    Make sure your site has a current security certificate

    In the past, there was much debate about whether or not having an SSL helped search engine optimization. However, this debate is now over. Having an SSL (which is signified by having an https prefix) is essential for both SEO and visitor trust in 2020.

    Ensure that the links in your old content still work

    It is also important for your site as a whole to check on the links in your old content. Don't worry...there are many different programs that will check for broken links for you, so you don't have to check manually. Having a significant number of broken links in old content could hurt your site's performance as a whole, so this should be avoided at all costs.

    Continue to focus on your link strategy

    Last but certainly not least, it is important that you continue to focus on your link strategy. This has been the cornerstone of SEO for many years now, and the tweaks to the new Google algorithm haven't changed this.

    You still need to do things like link between different pages on your site and link out to sites with high domain authority. It's still important to try to have as many inbound links as possible from these high domain-authority sites, too. Just as the algorithm has been tweaked but not overhauled, your search engine optimization strategy needs only to be tweaked to continue to be effective in 2020.

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