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Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Posted by Lisa Kirschner

Jan 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM

We recently came across an awesome article by Hootsuite about the importance of creating an editorial calendar to plan out your social media content. 

We agree wholeheartedly and we'd go a step further to say that you really need an editorial calendar for ALL of your content, including social media, blog posts, emails, landing pages, web site content and more! Anyone who has committed to content creation quickly realizes that it's a lot to juggle...between coming up with topics, drafting content and publishing it to the various channels, it's really easy to get overwhelmed quickly and give up. An editorial calendar is the answer to that dilemma. It allows your content team (or you, if you're a one-man or one-woman shop) to plan in advance and "batch" important steps of the process like strategy and content development.

We always include the creation of an editorial calendar in our Blog and Social Media Management packages, as well as our Inbound Marketing packages. Do you create editorial calendars on a regular basis? Or did you give up and stop publishing content on a regular basis? Let us know!

Want help creating content or managing your blog and social media? Contact us today to learn more about our blog management and social media management packages. 

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