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    Top inbound marketing news for week ending 8/3/18

    Posted by Joanna Ellis-Escobar

    Aug 3, 2018 6:28:00 PM

    online marketingA lot has happened in the last week in the world of inbound...check out the top five stories we think were the best of the best. 

    1. The customer is always last: Looking at marketing from a different perspective (Forbes)
      An interesting take on not only inbound, but marketing as a whole. Learn how important data is, how to implement inbound strategy that will reach your consumer and how to let go of the "all" and hone in on the "best."
    2. Five ways to create great B2B content (MarTech Series)
      You could post a blog an hour and never really see any results. Why is that? MarTech Series looks at what content works and how to do it. 
    3. Why digital marketing campaigns fail & what you need to do to see real results (Business 2 Community) 
      If you've ever even THOUGHT about launching a digital campaign, this. is. a. must. read. Hint: purpose and strategy are key. 
    4. Five effective marketing strategies for IT companies (TG Daily)
      Marketing is marketing is marketing...right? WRONG. TG Daily breaks down the top five marketing strategies that are effective, and more importantly, measurable. 
    5. How campaign offers are like a variety snack box (Business 2 Community)
      Every content offer you can imagine, from contests to coupons...and even better, B2B aligns the different tactics to the stages of the buyer's journey. 

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