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Lisa Kirschner Talks Hubspot in Website Magazine

Posted by Lisa Kirschner

Oct 1, 2014 1:09:00 PM

Web_Site_Magazine_September_2014Have you heard a lot about Hubspot's content optimization system (COS) and you're wondering how it stacks up against other CMS tools?

Website Magazine asked me and nine other marketing experts to talk about what CMS tools we use and how those tools have helped us get better results from our online marketing efforts or our clients' online marketing efforts.

After the other marketers talk about how they're getting...well...predictable results from well-known tools such as Wordpress and Joomla, I close out the article with information about how Hubspot absolutely crushes these other tools.

I should know...I've planned, built and managed hundreds of other web sites during the last 20 years using Wordpress, Joomla and numerous other CMS tools including giants like Sharepoint. NONE of those other CMS tools come anywhere close to the Hubspot COS in terms of features, functionality, usability and—most importantlyresults! I literally wrote the book about choosing a web content management system and I can tell you that I've never been as impressed with any other CMS tool on the market as I am with this marketing suite.

Website Magazine subscribers can read the article online or you can contact us to learn more about why we love this tool and why we recommend it wholeheartedly to all of our customers because it works. And not in the "Oh, I can now publish articles more easily before I switch over to the 10 other marketing tools that I use every day" kind of way a la Wordpress/Joomla, but as in the "We doubled our traffic and tripled our conversions last month, and we only have ONE tool that we use for all of our marketing and sales tasks" kind of way. Or the "Our sales and marketing teams actually love each other now and are sharing cupcakes" kind of way. Seriously!

Contact us today to learn more about this awesome tool or to schedule a demo.

Happy reading and happy Hubspotting!

Lisa Kirschner
Founder and Managing Director
Flair Interactive Services 

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