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How we got 883 likes and a 314% traffic increase in one day

Posted by Lisa Kirschner

Jun 2, 2017 12:11:50 PM

web_traffic.jpgYou know how all of those so-called "marketing experts" are telling you that they know the ONE guaranteed way for you to increase traffic or generate more leads and conversions online?

Or do you ever feel like you can't keep up with the latest industry terms and "sure-fire tactics" that everyone insists are the ONLY way to go to increase traffic, leads and conversions? It's enough to make your head spin sometimes.

Here at Flair, we don't offer a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach and we don't rely on one approach for our own internal marketing efforts either. However, we do carefully track what we're doing to determine which tactics, campaigns and content work best for our own particular audience and business, just as we do with our clients.

That's why some metrics from a marketing campaign that we did this week really caught our attention. Yesterday (Thursday, June 1 2017), we published a blog post with an infographic titled "5 quick ways to improve your SEO and rankings" at 2:09 p.m. We then shared it on all of our social media channels and boosted the post for $63 (a max of $9 per day for 7 days), choosing to show it to people who fit our target audience for that particular service (owners and managers at small businesses within the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and India).

Within a few hours, it had hundreds of pageviews. By the time we went to bed that night, it had more than 200 likes and we had only used $2.97 of our daily FB ad budget for that boost. Now, here's the awesome part...by 11:30 the next morning, we saw a 314% increase in traffic to our blog and the corresponding Facebook post (which linked directly to the blog post and infographic) had been liked 883 times! Check it out:

881 likes.jpg

883 likes! In less than 24 hours!

Think about that...883 likes and a 314% increase in traffic in less than 24 hours! And we still had only spent $5.34 of our total ad budget of $60! What would you give to see those kinds of results for your business? 

As usual, we will doing some heavy-duty monitoring of the performance of this blog post over time. On a regular basis, we track a ton of metrics—not only pageviews and traffic, which are a good start but not the only measure of successbut also things like leads (i.e. how many people opt in to our mailing list) and conversions (i.e. how many people actually convert into paying customers) from that individual blog post. Still, by identifying content pieces that are performing well and meeting our initial goals of attracting traffic and raising awareness of our SEO services, we now know what other types of content we should try (in this case, more listicles and more infographics) and who we should target in our Facebook advertising campaigns. And you can bet we'll go after this audience with some retargeting campaigns!

Are you doing this kind of monitoring and measurement for your campaigns and content? Or are you not even creating content at all because you're afraid it will take too much time and effort? Contact us or learn about our done-for-you blogging and social media packages to find out how we can help you get real, measurable results.

Let Flair's team of content managers plan, develop and publish your content every week.



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